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What Cricketers are Saying About Their Teachers on This Teacher's Day

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On this teacher's day, Cricketers and Cricket Club took to Twitter to wish their respectful teachers on this teacher's day. Some of the tweets are hilarious, let's look on those each.

Let's start from Sachin, Sachin praises his coach Achrekar who taught him to play straight on the field as well as in his life.

Sachin Quotes: "Teachers impart not just education but also values. Achrekar Sir taught me to play straight - on the field and in life. I shall always remain grateful to him for his immeasurable contribution in my life. His lessons continue to guide me today."

Suresh Raina says: "Teachers have the most special job. They are responsible for shaping a child's future. Growing up, I was lucky to have been guided by coaches and teachers who would encourage & support me. Will always be thankful to them."

Ishant Sharma says: "Wishing all the guru’s a very happy teachers’ day!! This day is dedicated to all my teachers’ and coaches I have learned from. Thanks for making learning fun!! Best blessings!"

Umesh Yadav wishes all his teachers as: "Wishing every teacher a #HappyTeachersDay and I want to thank all my teachers for their guidance and playing an important role in my life."

Siddarth Kaul wishes his father a very happy teachers day as: "The first teacher of my life, First teacher of cricket. I guess words can not justify the feeling I have for you papa. Thank you for being my guiding light. I owe all my success to you. Happy Teacher's Day Senior Kaul Sahab."

What Cricket Clubs Has To Say,

This is the most hilarious tweet ever by Rajasthan Royals: