Steve Smith smashes third hundred in Ashes 2019

Tweeple Applause Steve Smith's third Century in Ashes 2019

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It was yet another century from Steve Smith in Ashes 2019. It was the fourth Test against England in a Five Test series, Steve Smith smashed one-more Test hundred like a boss. This century marks Steve Smith's third century in Ashes 2019 so far. So after his century, Tweeples floods tweets to applause, Steve Smith.

Here are some interesting Tweets that we gathered, Let's look on them.

ICC Tweets:

@bbctms tweets the view from inside the commentary box as Steve makes a way for a century.

Peter Miller, Brydon Coverdale says:

Brad Hogg tweets: "Steve Smith did not touch the sandpaper, he took the fall for others stupidity and actions. Courage & resilience to come back from a year of penance, then concussion, to face Pace and hostility & make another ashes century, has to be shown full respect."

SimonJWelch went out in a hilarious way:

Fakhar Shabir Malik, Praises Steve Smith as the "Great wall of Cricket"

Swamp brings the stats here:

Matt Wilcox illustrates how Steve Smith response back to England fans

Jack Molloy brings up the no-ball call

Naveed Ahmed quite fact'er digs up the history of Ashes and mocks England in a sarcastic way