About Us

The Story of Sportsode

Once up a time in India, two young brothers think that there is a gap in reporting sporting events to the pool full of respective audience. Sports is all about celebrations, motivations, colors, cheers, joys, and electrifying but when carrying the sports to digital media there is a lack of atmosphere that we experience in the real field.

So the brothers (Kaushik & Karthik) identified the gap, they rolled their sleeves up and decided to fill the gap themselves. That's how the Sportsode born.

Initially, Sportsode was just a Facebook page which is created on January 21, 2018, and the domain was registered on February 26, 2018. Even though the domain was created in 2018, We celebrate Sportsode Birthday on September 4, 2019.

Technically, Sportsode is just another sports website on the internet database, Sportsode isn't doing anything new, but we're constantly trialing out the creative ways to engage the audience with their favorite sports. Sooner or later Sportsode will find out the way to fill the gap between the fans and the sports that will make the online sporting celebrations, cheers, joys in a better way that we experience in the real field.

As of now, Sportsode is growing, to be honest not exponentially. Sportsode is small with tons of dreams and an array of future work plans. We're making baby steps, and we're counting on them.

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If you would like to connect with us or you sharing the same DNA as we do, Just drop your message on our Contact page.